Almost there!

Wait! One more thing!

Are you SERIOUS about jumping off the feast-or-famine sales train and see some daily consistency in your Etsy sales?

Yep, I thought so ;)

Sounds like you might be ready for Mastermind Your Marketing, my signature program that hands you EVERYTHING you need to create a profitable, consistent marketing system for your Etsy shop:

  • Pinterest pin templates

  • Collaboration swipe copy

  • Email automation sequences

  • Sample contract documents

  • Plug-and-play swipe copy

  • Cheat sheets + resource guides


…and so much more!

MYM-Course-Mockups-Final- white background-02.png

Ready to finally take control of your Etsy shop’s success?

Enroll within the next 45 minutes and save $100 off the full course price!

Enroll now for just
seven six payments of $97!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re hustling like crazy (with hours you seriously DON'T have) and yet you're still not seeing an increase in traffic...or any traffic at all.

  • You're suffering from "shiny object syndrome"— bouncing from one idea to the next to the next, never fully committing to any of them and having a whole pile of "unfinished" going on with nothing to actually show for it.

  • You’ve tried every marketing strategy recommended out there but still feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall, trying to make one of them—ANY of them—stick.

  • You’re teetering on burnout — there's no way you can blog and Instagram and Tweet and Facebook — you're just one person (also, isn't social media supposed to be HELPING you, not stressing you out?!)!

  • You are TIRED of being told to "improve your SEO" or "take better photos" — it doesn't help and it's not getting you anywhere.

  • You’ve read all the boring generic advice — you just want somebody to take you by the hand and tell you EXACTLY what to do in the EXACT order you need to do it.


If any of these statements have you all, "How the heck did she get inside my head?!" then keep reading — you're in the right place, my friend :)


You don't need more "tips" and "tricks"-- you need an actual step-by-step plan


It sounds like a dream, right?

Well get this — You can achieve ALL of those things by implementing a strategic MARKETING SYSTEM for your Etsy shop--no sleazy, no feeling "salesy" — it's all about communicating with your customers in a way that feels authentic, natural, and (most importantly!) is PROFITABLE.

Sound like a marketing plan you could get on board with? Well then, I'd like to introduce you to your new secret sales weapon:


Accelerate your audience, triple your traffic, and skyrocket your sales on Etsy!



Mastermind Your Marketing (MYM) is a 12-week step-by-step program where I teach you my highly profitable (and mostly automated!) Etsy marketing system— so you can stop spinning your wheels and start growing a profitable Etsy shop quickly.


MYM MOCKUP 2019-02.png
mikaela headshot - round-03.png

"After taking the MYM course, I made the most money ever on Etsy for July and August, which included one of my big-time, long-term financial goals. ($4,000/month!) And I’m on track to do the same in September...!"

Mikaela, The Tabitha shop

read more about Mikaela's experience...

After taking your course, I made the most money ever on Etsy for July and August, which included one of my big-time, long-term financial goals. ($4,000/month!) And I’m on track to do the same in September. I’ve seen an increase in Pinterest traffic (in the 100s!) and have a small, but growing steadily email subscriber list. I’ve tried the content marketing funnel in the past, but I always gave up because I didn’t know what I was doing. Now, I have the confidence to market and strategize well because of how concrete and practical the course was! (I even got a message from a customer the other day saying that she found me on Instagram. That NEVER used to happen!)

The 90 day content calendar you provided was HUGE - game changer for me. I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed with marketing and I LOOK FORWARD to the end of the quarter when I get to plan out the next 90 days. I’ve launched new designs and hosted a sales promotion using email and social media and I actually enjoyed it. Thank you for all of your hard work and support! It’s helped my shop in big ways and I can’t wait to watch it keep growing while I apply all of these lessons!

molly headshot - round-02.png

"I enrolled in MYM in May 2017, opened my shop in July, and hit $8.6k in sales in September...and I literally knew NOTHING before I started..."

Molly, Mini swag textiles

read more about Molly's experience...

I enrolled in May 2017, opened my shop in July, and made $8.6K in September (and broke $10K in October). I definitely attribute it to the MYM course-- having my SEO on point and driving TONS of traffic from Pinterest every single day.

I literally learned all of these things from the course-- I seriously knew NOTHING when I started. My conversion rate is only 2.5%, but I'm too busy spending time filling orders as a result of MYM to optimize my shop any further!

In the 5 years I’ve spent selling on Etsy, I’ve noticed that there are 3 primary reasons that Etsy sellers struggle when it comes to marketing their Etsy shop:


They fail to see marketing as a complete system-- and instead waste their time implementing random (and unprofitable) “tips” and “tricks” from the internet-- strategies that aren’t designed to actually work together.


They suffer from “shiny object syndrome” and bounce from one idea to the next without actually finishing any of them-- and never getting anything out into the world.


And finally (and the one that really got me)-- they rely on Etsy to drive 100% of the traffic to their Etsy shop, and put the future of their shop's success in Etsy’s hands.


Mastermind Your Marketing breaks through ALL of these Etsy setbacks by walking you through how to create a PROFITABLE marketing system for your Etsy shop that puts YOU back in control of YOUR shop's success.

Meet Molly.

Molly says she saw results from Mastermind Your Marketing "literally instantly!"

Starting from 0, she opened her Etsy shop in July 2017 after enrolling in MYM and earned over $8.6K in September — just two months later! 

Discover the same marketing system that I (and dozens of my private coaching clients) have used to accelerate our audiences, triple our traffic, and skyrocket our sales — in the most efficient way possible!

True story:

This is the EXACT system I've used to generate over 1,000,000 shop views and over $500,000 in sales in less than 3 years on Etsy.

Now how's that for an effective marketing system? ;)

But things weren’t always this sweet, trust me...

Before I implemented with a marketing system for my Etsy shop, I was burnt out. Like, majorly. Probably similar to how you are feeling now ;)

Etsy has just made a HUGE change to their search algorithm and I stood by and watched my traffic get cut in half — literally — overnight.


and you know what?


It was absolutely eye-opening to realize that I had NO control over my shop’s success — that because I was relying on Etsy search to drive nearly 100% of my traffic, I had also given their algorithm the power to take that traffic away.


I LOVED selling on Etsy, but as I watched shop after shop after shop in my industry seemingly turn into overnight successes, even with the algorithm change, I wondered what I was doing wrong.

How did other Etsy shop owners seem to grow their sales so easily?

I spent MONTHS analyzing and researching what made these shops different – and I stumbled upon a surprising conclusion:

The shops on Etsy that were doing well, DESPITE the algorithm change, were driving the majority of their OWN traffic directly into their Etsy shops.

I spent the next few months researching everything I could about e-commerce marketing. I invested in some amazing online courses, teamed up with a network of other Etsy sellers, and hired my first business coach (<< best. decision. ever.)

(I also opened a completely new Etsy shop, because #whythehecknot?!)


And what happened?

My Etsy shop turned into a cha-ching machine.

In just a few months, I had gone from having NO marketing strategy whatsoever to creating a fully-functioning marketing system for my shop that required only a couple of hours per week to maintain. (!!!)

My stats literally went from this:


to this:


(and yes, that's a 3000% increase in annual revenue!!!)

Today, 4 years after implementing my proven step-by-step marketing system, I grew my Etsy shop to over 2,000,000 views, 23,000 sales, and a 50% repeat customer rate.

And get this:

I was actually spending less time on marketing- because I had set it up to run almost entirely on autopilot.

Yep, I’m completely serious.


"I have seen a steady increase in sales and traffic, my conversion rate has increased and I am not even finished with the course yet!"

Emily, Pedaller Designs

read more about Emily's experience...

"Morgan’s course is a clear road map of actionable steps to create a thought out, purposeful system of marketing that will be straight forward to maintain. She helps you create a plan so everyday you know exactly what you need to to to profitably (and efficiently!) market your shop. Morgan’s teaching style is clear and down to earth; I love how she shares so much of what she does in her own shop. I have seen a steady increase in sales and traffic, my conversion rate has increased and I am not even finished the course yet!

Morgan truly cares about her students; she makes herself very available to answer questions and goes above and beyond to help her students be successful in her course. Absolutely worth every penny spent!"

Irina Sheina headshot - round-12.png

"Mastermind Your Marketing made a drastic change to my shop…I have doubled my visits and income!"

Irina, Knitz N Purlz

read more about Irina's experience...

"I wanted to say huge thank you to Morgan Nield and her MYM course, it made a drastic change to my shop. Not only have I doubled visits and income (compared February 2018 to half of February 2019, still weeks to go) now I spend my marketing time efficiently and knowing what to do when and how!

I had some success in past but it wasn't consistent, some months were great, some not so much😆

I didn't implement even a half yet, but I see a great difference-- it gives me confidence and great dreams. I was hesitant [to enroll] for 1 year, but now I think that I should have signed up earlier! Thank you Morgan!"


Here are a few of the perks to being a Mastermind Your Marketing student:





You’ll ALWAYS have access to the course (including any future updates)-- so take it as slow or fast as you like!




Each week includes a printable summary and editable task list to help you track and reach your goals.




You’ll have access to the exclusive MYM Facebook group which includes a team of student mentors who can help you break past your roadblocks.




Once every month, I do a LIVE Q+A video call (in the FB group) to personally answer allll of your specific questions.



4-phase framework











Curious for a complete course breakdown?

Let's take a look at exactly what you'll learn in the next 12 weeks:

Phase 1: Optimize


WEEK 1: Double your shop’s conversion rate

Lessons include...

  • A crash course on advanced SEO sharing my proven (and profitable!) conversion-boosting strategy so you can take immediate advantage of Etsy's built-in traffic.

  • The ins and outs of using features + benefits in your copywriting to effectively sell your product.

  • The best way to research and use your competition to accelerate your shop's success.

Available: Instant Access!


WEEK 2: Fix your shop’s revenue “leaks”

Lessons include...

  • The secret on how to get raving fans and earn the trust of potential buyers immediately.

  • My #1 hack for creating new listings quickly to increase your chances of getting found (plus sell more product effortlessly).

  • Your secret weapon for doubling your average order revenue, "set it and forget it" style.

Available: 1 week from purchase

Phase 2: Attract


WEEK 3: Set your magnetic foundation for attracting customers

Lessons include...

  • A step-by-step Pinterest profile formula to funnel traffic to your Etsy shop.

  • A quick and effective way to research top-performing keywords on Pinterest so you can easily outrank your competition.

  • The four "must-have" Pinterest board types you'll need in order to attract and convert your dream customer.

Available: 2 weeks from purchase


WEEK 4: Implement a profit-driven pinning strategy

Lessons include...

  • A step-by-step guide to outsmarting the Pinterest Smart Feed once and for all-- and maintaining high search-result status.

  • Your plug-and-play formula for adding killer SEO to every nook and cranny of your Pinterest account.

  • Four effective Pinterest sales funnels and how to map them out for your Etsy shop

Available: 3 weeks from purchase



Lessons include...

  • The best way to find (and get accepted into!) high-performing Pinterest group boards and Tailwind Tribes for exponential growth and exposure.

  • A guide to using Tailwind's automatic pinning feature to trim hours off your pinning schedule.

  • The ins and outs of decoding your Pinterest analytics, and using that information to grow even faster moving forward.

Available: 4 weeks from purchase

Phase 3: Convert


WEEK 6: Develop your unique sales funnel magnet

Lessons include...

  • The "dos and don'ts" of managing an email list (and why sending "newsletters" is a waste of time).

  • Your guide to growing your email list on autopilot with an irresistable lead magnet offer your audience can't refuse.

  • A step-by-step template for crafting your Etsy shop's first automated sales email.

Available: 5 weeks from purchase


WEEK 7: Create + enable your automatic sales funnel

Lessons include...

  • The "must-have" locations for strategically promoting your lead magnet offer on autopilot.

  • Your four-step email sales funnel that will engage your audience, and build that "know-like-trust" factor even with cold traffic (oh, and sell your product, too!).

  • A guide to crafting killer subject lines so your emails will actually get opened (and read).

Available: 6 weeks from purchase

Phase 4: Scale



Lessons include...

  • An overview of why creating additional "touch points" with your brand is CRITICAL for passive marketing (plus the most effective ways to do so).

  • My favourite ways to establish yourself as an authority and easily become the "go-to" resource for your dream customer.

  • A way to "network hack" other people's audiences to quickly expand your reach (even if you're just starting out)!

Available: 7 weeks from purchase



Lessons include...

  • A template for crafting an enticing "About" page that channels visitors directly into your sales funnel(s).

  • The strongest content to create for building trust and relationships with your potential customers from day one.

  • Plug + play templates for each of your foundational posts so you can hit the ground running.

Available: 8 weeks from purchase



Lessons include...

  • The three non-negotiable post types you must create for social sharing and virability.

  • Even more plug + play templates for each of your content types so you can hit the ground running (instead of staring at that blinking cursor).

  • The best way to convince influencers to share your content for you for free (while you reap in all the traffic).

Available: 9 weeks from purchase



Lessons include...

  • Your step-by-step forumla for repurposing content so you're not a constant slave to marketing.

  • My 5-minute promotion trick for getting your content noticed as quickly as possible.

  • A guide to speedily "breaking down" your content into easy-win pieces for your audience.

Available: 10 weeks from purchase



Lessons include...

  • The ins and outs of how to filter through your analytics and find the stats that actually matter (plus what do to with them when you've found them).

  • Your exponential growth formula for moving forward and scaling your business!

Available: 11 weeks from purchase

Ready to build your Etsy biz even faster? Mastermind Your Marketing also comes with these super-sweet bonuses:

(available immediately after enrollment!)

MYM-BonusArtboard 19.png

Bonus 1:

Expert Interview Vault

Want to expand your Etsy knowledge BEYOND marketing? The vault contains exclusive interviews from a number of experts on a variety of Etsy subjects, including promoted pins on Pinterest (with Alisa Meredith), drop shipping (with Gemma Bonham Carter), product photography tutorials (with Chaitra Radhakrishna), and more!


MYM-BonusArtboard 19 copy.png

Bonus 2:

Audience Accelerant

Instead of building your Etsy shop in a vacuum (aka: by yourself), the Audience Accelerant bonus course will give you all the tools (+ confidence!) you need to leverage existing audiences and grow faster than ever. You'll get my step-by-step processes for working with brand reps, collaborating with POWER sellers, and planning out your next viral promotion.

It's going to be your fast-pass ticket to growing your audience (and sales!) in #notimeflat

MYM-BonusArtboard 19 copy 2.png

Bonus 3:

Black Friday Sales Funnel

Running a holiday promotion (or any promotion for that matter!) can be tricky-- and your copy + timing can mean the difference between blowing your promotion goals out of the water...or watching your sale fall flat on its face (and you curling up in a ball in the corner).

Enter the Black Friday Sales Funnel.

Not JUST for Black Friday (In fact, you could use it in just a couple months for Easter!), this will give you all the plug-and-play copyemail sequencing (+ examples!)promotional calendar templatetech trainings, and step-by-step road map you need to run your most profitable promotion ever.

Bonus 4:

Quick-start automation guide

Ready to put your shop into even more autopilot mode? These swipe copy templates are the perfect time-saving solution for answering all those FAQ’s you get at all hours of the day-- simply plug in your shop’s information, and then easily “copy + paste” them into your Etsy snippets (or even email!).

MYM-BonusArtboard 19 copy 3.png

MYM-BonusArtboard 19 copy 4.png

Bonus 5:

14-day FREE trial of Marmalead Pro

Marmalead Pro is THE standard when it comes to finding profitable keywords for your Etsy SEO (which is an important part of achieving a killer conversion rate!). As a Mastermind Your Marketing student, you'll get 14 days of FREE access to this powerful SEO tool!

Enroll now!

Choose your preferred way to invest in Mastermind your Marketing:

Payment Plan

Seven Six payments of


The 12-Week MYM program

Printable summary cheatsheets

Editable task checklists

Private Facebook group community

Monthly group coaching calls

BONUS: Expert Interview Vault

BONUS: Quick-start automation guide

BONUS: 14-Day FREE trial of Marmalead Pro

Best Value

Pay in full at $597


The 12-Week MYM program

Printable summary cheatsheets

Editable task checklists

Private Facebook group community

Monthly group coaching calls

BONUS: Expert Interview Vault

BONUS: Quick-start automation guide

BONUS: 14-Day FREE trial of Marmalead Pro

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.44.04 AM.png

Now, who is this Etsy guru, and what qualifies her to teach this program?

Hey there! I'm Morgan Nield, and I am ready to become your mentor (and genuine friend!) when it comes to marketing your Etsy shop.

You’re busy-- you and I both know this-- and so I’ve made it my personal mission to free up your time by walking you through creating a profitable marketing system for your Etsy shop-- and automating it along the way (<< yep, it can be done!).

I used the exact system I teach in MYM to make over 23,000 sales and earn over $600K in revenue in my own Etsy shop-- all within just four years selling on Etsy.

I didn’t do this alone, though-- and I want to make sure you know that.

I spent the better part of SIX YEARS and $40,000 worth of business investments to figure it out, and now I’m sharing this marketing system with you.

Because you shouldn’t have to spend years and tens of thousands of dollars learning how to make a consistent profit from your Etsy shop.

(Can I get an amen?!)


I created Mastermind Your Marketing as the resource I wish I had when I started to sell on Etsy.


Instead of having to invest in dozens of courses, coaches, and tedious research like I did (and a great deal of it wasn't even applicable to Etsy sellers-- thank you, service-based business models!), Mastermind Your Marketing streamlines everything I learned into one 12-week program that is 100% applicable to Etsy sellers with none (I repeat, NONE) of that filler “fluff” content to distract you and slow you down.

(You know those hours you’ve wasted falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole of marketing research? Yeah, those end now.)

Dana Ally headshot-12.png

"I’ve been hitting Mastermind Your Marketing hard since the end of August, and Sept has been my most profitable month yet ($4,000+ in PROFIT)"

Dana, The Crafty Splinter

read more about Dana's experience...

"I’ve been hitting Mastermind Your Marketing hard since the end of August, and Sept has been my most profitable month yet ($4,000+ in PROFIT).

I’ve worked in marketing for 8 years and Morgan’s stuff is GREAT and going to work if you follow each step in her order. I opened shop full time in February 2018. "

erin ulko headshot-12.png

"My January 2019 income has been CRAZY...Also, I'm consistently converting between 4-6% right now, which is awesome!!"

Erin, Purple Leaf Designs

read more about Erin's experience...

"I've seen such a boost in traffic, sales + income!!

Releasing my first collection of kits really helped growth in June, and then summer hit and sales dropped. I knew I didn't want to waste another holiday season, so I buckled down and worked HARD on a lot of the stuff from MYM. I saw really fantastic results almost immediately!

I've actually been doing really well even when other sellers are boohooing it up about low traffic/sales. My January 2019 income has been CRAZY. And I didn't really DO anything - no sales/promotions this month. I've been doing less work, when there's naturally less people on Etsy, and I'm making MORE money! Also, I'm consistently converting between 4-6% right now, which is awesome!!"

Now, who is Mastermind Your Marketing for?

  • Etsy go-getters who are willing to do the work. This is absolutely critical and non-negotiable for your success. If you are looking for a magic overnight success button, you'll have to look elsewhere. You MUST be willing to do the work to see the results.

  • Etsy sellers who are currently relying 50% or more on Etsy SEO to bring them sales. Fun fact: SEO on Etsy is NOT the fastest (or most reliable) way to make consistent sales on Etsy. If you're ready to take control of your marketing (and stop letting Etsy mess with your stats), then this program is for you.

  • Busybees tired of constantly hustling! If you're working a 9-5, trying to juggle being a stay-at-home-mom, or otherwise engaged, this course is designed to automate your marketing strategy and make it possible for you to grow your Etsy shop WITHOUT the 80 hour per week commitment that so many other programs recommend (because neither you nor I have time for that!)

Now, who is Mastermind Your Marketing NOT for?

  • The "get-rich-quick" wannabees. If you're hoping to buy this course and become a millionaire overnight, you're in for a rude awakening! Just like any other strategy, you're gonna have to put in some work to see the crazy-awesome results.

  • Etsy sellers who aren't serious about growing their income. If you are interested in just treating your Etsy shop like a fun hobby, then this in-depth course probably isn't for you. No hard feelings-- I just want to be as upfront and honest with you as I can. :)


Got some questions? I've got some answers!


When will I get access to the course?

How about the minute you sign-up?! The moment you enroll, you'll get access to both prep week AND Week 1, with a new week's worth of lessons dripping out every 7 days.

Why is the program structured this way?

The #1 enemy of success (in any area of your life) is going to be overwhelm and distraction.

Giving you smaller batches of lessons week by week will eliminate both of those-- and hold you accountable for staying on track.

Will I be able to contact you throughout the course if I have any specific questions?

Yes! Every single month we have a LIVE group coaching call in the private MYM Facebook group, where you can ask me ANY question you have about the course material and how to implement it. This is the best way to get feedback directly from me. I am here for you!

Can't wait for the monthly coaching call? No worries!

You can post your questions in the private Facebook group discussion at any time! In addition to peer-to-peer feedback, there is an amazing team of student mentors that are available to answer questions and offer feedback on an almost-daily basis! These mentors have been hand-picked from over 850 MYM students, and have a thorough understanding of the Mastermind Your Marketing curriculum (and they're just plain AWESOME people).

I’ve been on Etsy for a while and sell a few items pretty consistently. Will this course still benefit me?

Yes! My goal for this course is to teach you how to break past those “few items” and truly launch your business out of this world with a stream of daily, consistent income.

Most Etsy shop owners think selling 5-10 items a month is good-- and it's definitely nothing to shrug at! But can you imagine earning HUNDREDS of sales every month? Yes, it's possible (I'm living proof!)-- and with the right system in place, it's totally doable!

I’d like to make consistent sales on Etsy, but I work full-time and have [insert # of kids here] waiting for me at home-- am I even going to have time?

Well then, you’re in good company. :) When I started my Etsy shop, LittleHighbury, I had a newborn (what was I thinking?!?!?) AND freelance work obligations.

I’ll be honest and say that setting up a profitable marketing system does require front-loading the work. I recommend setting aside 8-10 hours per week to get your marketing system in place (just like you would for any college class).

However, once you've implemented everything, you'll find that it runs mostly on autopilot, and will require only a few hours per MONTH of upkeep.

Work hard now so you can play (or nap) hard later. ;)

What format is this course delivered in?

This course is nearly 100% text-based. You can read the lessons online or print them; additional weekly summaries (aka cheat sheets for easy reference) and editable task lists are in PDF format.

Why text and not videos?

Instead of having to scrub through video lessons trying to find "that one thing I think she mentioned somewhere," you'll be able to hit "Ctrl + F" and instantly find the information you're looking for.


Do you offer any refunds or guarantees with your course?

Of course! There is a 30-day 100% money back guarantee with the Mastermind Your Marketing program.


You must be willing to do the work if you want to see results.

If you are on the fence about enrolling, and want to just “check it out,” but are not interested in even trying to do the work required from the start, then Mastermind Your Marketing is probably not a good fit for you.

No hard feelings-- I just want to make sure that the students who DO enroll are proactive and dedicated to putting in the work required.

If, however, you have done the work, but are not completely satisfied with your results, just follow the steps within the official refund policy HERE, and I’ll be happy to issue you a full refund. :)

I noticed you didn’t mention [insert vague marketing strategy here] or [insert another vague marketing strategy here] in your course outline...??

No. Just stop. Trust me. :)

You don’t need to spread yourself thin by trying every and all possible marketing strategies out there.

Let me teach you strategies that actually WORK in a SYSTEM (and I would know-- I’ve used them myself!) so you can waste less time experimenting, and spend more time making money.

How long will I have access to this course?

How does forever sound?! You will have life-time access to Mastermind Your Marketing, which includes all the worksheets and bonuses that came with your purchase, AND any future updates to the course (at no extra cost).

Feel free to peruse everything at your leisure, and come back to them any time you want!

I noticed your Etsy shop is "on vacation"-- how can I know these strategies still work if you're not currently using them on YOUR Etsy shop?"

This is such a great question!

You're right-- I am not currently marketing my Etsy shop. (True story: I failed at trying to be a stay-at-home-mom while managing TWO businesses-- my Etsy shop and so something had to give).

So why should you trust this course?

Because even though I'm not actively marketing my Etsy shop with these strategies (even though I DID during my first four years on Etsy), HUNDREDS of students inside the MYM program currently are.

And they're seeing dang good results.

Feel free to check out the testimonials on this sales page if you need further proof. ;)

Mastermind Your Marketing combines the very best strategies and systems I’ve learned in my 7+ years selling online, and walks you through creating a marketing system that is personalized to YOUR Etsy shop.

I have seen positive results from HUNDREDS of Mastermind Your Marketing students-- and I expect to see them from you, too!


You must be willing to do the work if you want to see results.

If you are on the fence about enrolling, and want to just “check it out,” but are not interested in even trying to do the work required from the start, then Mastermind Your Marketing is probably not a good fit for you. No hard feelings-- I just want to make sure that the students that DO enroll are proactive and dedicated to putting in the work required.

If, however, you have done the work, but are not completely satisfied with your results, simply follow the steps within the official refund policy HERE (within the first 30 days of your purchase), and I’ll be happy to issue you a full refund. :)


30-day money back guarantee


You can keep trying to figure all this Etsy stuff out on your own, and hodge-podge together an outdated marketing strategy that *might* pay off in a few years.

— OR —

You could steal my step-by-step plan, create a marketing SYSTEM, and start seeing some serious sales results in just a few weeks!

Think about where you want to be six months from now. Heck, think of where you want to be just ONE month from now.



Like I said earlier, I’ve invested over $40,000 in business coaching, programs, and masterminds to learn and create the system I’m teaching you inside Mastermind Your Marketing.

Luckily, you won’t have to do that. ;)

If you're ready to stop messing around with your Etsy shop, and instead turn it into a full-time income at a fraction of the cost (literally), then Mastermind Your Marketing is going to be the program that changes everything for you.

Your Etsy success story starts right now.



Payment Plan

seven Six payments of


The 12-Week MYM program

Printable summary cheatsheets

Editable task checklists

Private Facebook group community

Monthly group coaching calls

BONUS: Expert Interview Vault

BONUS: Quick-start automation guide

BONUS: 14-Day FREE trial of Marmalead Pro

Best Value

Pay in full at $597


The 12-Week MYM program

Printable summary cheatsheets

Editable task checklists

Private Facebook group community

Monthly group coaching calls

BONUS: Expert Interview Vault

BONUS: Quick-start automation guide

BONUS: 14-Day FREE trial of Marmalead Pro